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Swiftech Uk Ltd is synonymous with first-class products. Our range of CV Gaiters give a fast, professional finish meeting stringent manufacturing quality and safety standards. Our reputation is second to none.

Universal Stretchy CV Boot

  • Our Universal CV Boot fits 95% of cars
  • Fits joints up to 96mm
  • No need to disconnect the CV joint from the drive shaft to fit
  • No visual cut marks for a professional appearance
  • Each kits comes complete with stainless steel fixing bands and grease sachets
  • Trade pack 12

Xtra Large Stretchy CV Boot

  • Extra Large Stretchy CV Gaitor 
  • Fits Most Commercial Vehicles , 4WD, MPV, SUV VW's and Audi
  • First 2 sections include the VW/Audi internal fitting grooves
  • No need to disconnect the CV joint from the drive shaft
  • Each kit comes complete with Stainless Steel fixing bands and CV grease sachet
  • Pack of 2

Ball Joint / Track Rod End / Drag Link Boot

Available in a kit containing 5 sizes complete with top and bottom fitting rings. 

Alternative fitting rings available. 

Also available in packs of 10 single size


SWI-03 Small Hole 13.0mm Large Hole 35.5mm Height 30.0mm

SWI-04 Small Hole 12.0mm Large Hole 28.0mm Height 26.5mm


SWI-05 Small Hole 15.0mm Large Hole 30.0mm Height 25.0mm


SWI-08 Small Hole 10.5mm Large Hole 25.0mm Height 23.0mm


COMM   Small Hole ????mm Large Hole ????mm Height ????mm

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